Hi, I'm Liz, a digital product designer specializing in educational experiences.

I believe in the power of design to make a positive difference in the world and have partnered with organizations that champion education and learning. I'm currently employed at BrainPOP and previously worked with the American Museum of Natural History, and the University of Michigan.

A woman seated with a laptop holding a coffee mug and looking at the viewer.

20 million+

teachers, students, and parents use web products I’ve built at these organizations

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4 cellphones showing different web app screens. The first features a van and a headline reading "Find a safe dollar van ride."

Making it easier for New Yorkers to find safe rides

UX Design
Brand Strategy

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A laptop, cellphone, and tablet showing pages from the Good Energy Collective website.
Good Energy Collective

Launching a brand-new energy policy organization

UX Design
Brand Strategy

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A laptop showing a color coded map of the United States. In the background is a color-coded chart of Missouri and several bar graphs.
University of Michigan

Making data on nuclear energy more accessible

UI Design
Usability Testing


Recent Work

Laptop displaying side with small text and checkboxes next to a large map of the United states with states multicolored states. 3 mobile phone screens; The first shows several photos of jewelry and gem cases; Tne second shows a large circular glittering gem, and and thirs shows a closeup of objects in a jewelry case. A web page titled "Resources for Learning" in desktop and mobile views. It shows a filter box with dropdown menus with several thumbnail images beneath it.A group of Good Energy Collective branded collateral, including a sheet of letterhead, an envelope, business cards, pins, pencils, and a cellphone showing the Twitter page. A brochure titled "World's Beyond Earth Educator's Guide." Mars, Venus, and Saturn are featured against the glow of Earth's atmosphere.iPad screen displaying OLogy app home screen, showing a grid of colorful illustrations and images.iPad app screen displaying a gazelle mid-gait along with a title reading 'The Runner: Thompson's Gazelle." A brochure titled "Hall of Ocean Life Educator's Guide." Closeups of dioramas from the hall and a large photo of the Blue Whale model are featured.Two screenshots from a webpage article titled "A Closer Look at Mars." An illustration of the solar system is featured, along with a background emulating the surface of Mars.Two screenshots from a web article titled "What is Biodiversity?" An illustration of a tree frog, lady bug, and flower are featured. Desktop and mobile views of an article titled "What is Astronomy?" Under the title is an illustration of objects in our solar system and a paragraph of small text.A brochure titled "Cuba Educator's Guide." A turtle, bird, map of the island, and photo of residential buildings from Cuba are featured.